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The Economist: KADIN

ASEAN SUMMIT Eyes Sustainable Collaboration

Global players gathered in Jakarta for two flagship events

Indonesia’s position as ASEAN Chairman in 2023 reiterated its strategic role in navigating the regional dynamic. In 1967, five nations in the region came together to form the ASEAN or The Association of Southeast Asian Nations; today. five more countries havejoined the ASEAN bloc to progress regional agendas, with one more country now in the process of joining. Over the last 56 years, this inter-governmental organisation has brought together neighbouring countries, promoting regional peace and stability and addressing and accelerating economic growth, cultural development, social progress,and sustainableagendas.

As a G20 member. Indonesia played the vital role of highlighting the significance of the Southeast Asian economic bloc. When combined, the ASEAN bloc serves as the world’s 5th largest economy. with a GDP of 533 trillion. and has been successfully prospering and trading with China. the United States. and European Union nations. As flagships of the MEAN Chairmanship in 2023 under the strategic theme of MEAN Matters: Epicentrumof Growth.whichunderlined therelevanceof ASEAN inthecurrent geopoliticaidynamic and its objective to ensure thecooperation brings prosperity to the people. Indonesia organised theASEAN-Indo•Pacific Forum.or AlPF.along with the Indonesia SustainabilityForum or ISF.

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