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CT Productions is an international media company producing promotional features, country reports to be published in the international press alongside video production.

On the print press side, CT Productions is agent of The Economist in selected countries of the african continent. All around the world, millions of people rely on The Economist for the inside story in global developments…

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Nov 24, 2020 09:45 AM West Central Africa

State of Play: FinTech in Nigeria

Main Event: “State of Play. Fintech in Nigeria”

Nigeria, Africa’s largest country by GDP and population, is among the continent’s fintech leaders with a lively crop of start-ups and a growing suite of digital offerings from mainstream banks and other companies. COVID-19 speeded up the rate of online developments immensely.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has produced a timely and in depth research which brings this all to life and it will be presented and discussed in this unique online event.

Globally, the fintech sector is among the most appealing for investors looking for the next wave of disruptive innovation but it is more than that.

We are excited to contribute to the conversation in these critical times through an event of this calibre. We may all be social distancing and have to keep away from work as we used to know it but the world is not staying still.

The agenda for the event can be found here.

Access the EIU Research by clicking here.

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In house publications

Fintech Nigeria. State of play

Disruptor and saviour

Financial technology has been widely proclaimed both the saviour of the new economy and an essential threat to the old world order.

Amid hyperbole and huge numbers been thrown around, however, many such companies are truly making a difference in Nigeria.

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