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Who we are

Connecting brands, connecting countries!

Our vision is to connect the public and private sector with the most influential audiences around the globe by providing opportunities for governments and institutions to showcase their business spirit and stand out on the world stage. We believe that proper media production is a window of opportunity to attract new clients, businesses and services.

CT Productions is an international media company producing promotional features, country reports to be published in the international press alongside video production.

On the print press side, CT Productions is proud to be sales agent for the Economist Group in selected countries across the globe. All around the world, millions of people rely on The Economist for the inside story in global developments. Whether it is political or economic analysis, editorial opinion or the unique insight, it is the reading of choice for being in the know. Recognized and respected all around the world, the magazine deals with current affairs, underlying trends and topics that will be important in the future. It covers most aspects of business, the economy and other developments every week with sections that deal with each part of the world, culture, technology and science.

The readers of The Economist are also global leaders. From every corner of the world, every age with a common thirst to understand the world and find new ideas or learn about interesting developments. They are the movers and shakers looking for opportunities every week in the pages of The Economist.

Of course in its long history, it has developed and often led the way in finding new ways to get the message through. Text, audio, visual and live experiences complete the available communication options.

The Economist Magazine was founded in 1843 but more recently The Economist Online, includes all the content from the print edition, with additional digital only content. The Economist Digital Edition and The Economist Espresso apps, offer premium editorial to any mobile operating system, and a daily summary of what’s on the global agenda in the coming day.

No matter what platform, region, target audience or technology, millions of people rely on The Economist to help them understand global developments and opportunities.

We are happy to help local businesses and organisations select the best platform to communicate: The Economist, FOCUS or other international media outlets on the film production side.