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Zambia’s Gateway to Global Markets


Dr. Clever Mpoha, one of Zambia’s leading businessmen and philanthropists, is the Founder and Group Managing Director of SAVENDA. What began as a supply management and logistics firm in 1997 has expanded into agricultural, construction, energy, and transportation sectors throughout Zambia and its neighboring countries. Through Mpoha’s humble upbringing in a small village, it was there where he learned the principles of social responsibility. His company actively participates in several initiatives concerning art and culture, healthcare funding, education, and women and youth empowerment to support the socio-economic growth of his country and give back to his fellow Zambians. Over 20 years later, SAVENDA is one of Zambia’s leading companies, with an annual revenue of more than $500 million, and has achieved lucrative partnerships with other enterprises from Asia, Europe, and North America.

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