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CT Productions is an international media company producing promotional features, country reports to be published in the international press alongside video production. CT Productions is proud to be sales agent for the Economist Group in selected countries across the globe.

Reshaping Nigeria

A Nation Engineering its Growth

Released May 18th, 2024, Flour Mills of Nigeria and Still Earth Capital Finance as prominent companies shaping Nigeria’s future are featured in the global edition of The Economist, which informs readers around the world of the impact of their roles within the market.

FMN’s Golden Penny:

Serving Happiness, Nourishing Families
Golden Penny is much more than a pantry staple in Nigerian homes; it’s the flagship brand of Flour Mills of Nigeria or FMN. Within the article, learn about how a brand beloved by millions is committing to its promise to provide food to the nation through diverse products.
The Chairman, John G. Courmantaros, states, “Our strategic vision embodies the story of transformation that captures the essence of our 63-year legacy while charting a course towards agility and dynamic”.


Small and medium enterprises are the vibrant pulse of the Nigerian economy, and Still Earth Capital Finance is at the forefront of this growth. Led by Female CEO Oyindamola Lami Adeyemi, the firm is not just growing its financial systems, but also creating opportunities for other businesses to thrive in the current economic state.

As she puts it, “As a modern financial entity deeply rooted in Nigeria’s economic landscape, the firm recognizes Nigeria’s potential as a business and investment hub.” This is a story of hope and optimism that you can explore in the latest edition of The Economist.

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