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July 10’th 2023 – 17:00h

Panelists at the NOG Energy Week Conference & Exhibition 2023 reveal a key path to affordable energy security: supporting the manufacturing sector.

During the first panel session, industry experts emphasized the critical role of developmental and financial assistance in driving forward the manufacturing sector’s contribution to sustainable energy solutions.

Join the conversation at #NOGEnergyWeek2023 as we explore innovative strategies to achieve affordable and reliable energy for all.

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July 10’th 2023 – 19:00h

Fueling dynamic discussions at #NOGEnergyWeek2023, the second panel session explored the impact of the Nigerian Content Intervention Fund, alternative funding options, the Women in Oil & Gas Fund, local content opportunities, and intra-governmental collaborations.

Stay tuned for more dynamic discussions and join us at #NOGEnergyWeek2023 to be a part of shaping the future of the energy industry!

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July 12’th 2023 – 19:00h
Today’s panels were incredibly insightful, shedding light on the critical topics of attracting investment for national energy sufficiency and assessing the attractiveness of Nigeria’s energy sector.
We gained valuable knowledge and perspectives from industry experts, paving the way for a brighter energy future.