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COP 27 is Here!

CT Productions, exclusive agent for The Economist Group in Africa with its pioneer coverage of Egypt is proud to announce the new bi-cover edition published in the prestigious The Economist magazine to coincide with the COP27 Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh this week.

Egypt is at the forefront concerning sustainable economic development in Africa. Indeed, the pharaoh’s country has attracted many investments that could permeate to other African countries, becoming Egypt a capital distributor among other neighbouring countries. Several international and local financial institutions, such as AfreximBank are focusing their green investments in Egypt and Africa, as the expected gains are exponential, due to the structural opportunities present in many of these countries. These opportunities are strong drivers of the widespread adoption of sustainable discourse in Africa.

Despite the progress toward Sustainable Development Goals, Africa continues to lag behind most of the world regarding socioeconomic development. The next ten years will be key for sustainable action in Africa. The continent is considered the most vulnerable to the adverse effects generated by climate change while contributing the least to it. The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference will put in the agenda not only the global issues on climate but also focus on the specific issues and hindrances faced by a continent willing to sustainably develop and generate new opportunities for the local population and companies. African countries are expecting this conference to put on the map the current issues faced by the continent, not only the consequences of climate change but also the participation of developing countries in the global climate change discourse.

Egypt and the African continent face many challenges in the upcoming years. Several are the issues to be addressed from a sustainable scope, such as the impact of climate change on local economies and their adaptability to new scenarios, conflicts rooted in climate change and their resolution, food security, economic diversification, and opportunity generation for the local population. Addressing these issues while granting sustainable development is a must for African nations.

Now is the moment to drive Africa’s sustainability efforts. Together with Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh COP27 conference on climate change, we are proudly launching both The Economist pioneer features entitled “Egypt 2022: From a glorious past to a sustainable future” and “Sustainability 2022: Driving Africa’s path towards a green future”, covering the sustainable developments, actions, and plans for Africa, pinpointing on Nigeria and Egypt, happening now and projected for the future. Join us to learn more about these exciting plans!

You can read the joint edition in the pdf link: Sustainable future

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