Nigeria 2017. Agriculture: The backbone of a nation

Nigeria 2017. Agriculture: The backbone of a nation

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“Five years from now there will be no question of Nigeria’s inability to feed herself.

Secondly Nigeria will be a major food exporter. In another two years we shall be exporting rice at least to our neighbors. They don’t eat parboiled rice, we shall be exporting white rice. And I may tell you right now we have just received 110 rice milling machines of different sizes and capacity to be deployed in the next two months. We shall be a major exporter of Cassava products, of cashew nuts, processed, not raw.  We will be an exporter, on a large scale of sesame seed, of gum arabic and we shall be back at No1 in the league of cocoa producing nations. This time we will be making our own chocolates and cocoa drinks at home. For the children we will be a major force in milk, so our kids can have a pint of milk a day to strengthen their brain and brawn power, otherwise we will face a very bleak future. This country can’t afford to be in the league of unintelligent people because this is a world driven by knowledge and skills.  It is a combination of all factors. We hope for a tremendous impact.”


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