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MINERALS INCOME INVESTMENT FUND of Ghana (MIIF) seeks partnerships with North
American investors for new opportunities in Ghana’s mining industry

Ghana’s MIIF has stepped up efforts to attract North American partners into the Ghanaian mining space. MIIF, the sovereign minerals fund of Ghana, was created by law to manage the equity interests of the Government of Ghana in mining companies and collect and manage mining royalties due the state for purposes of investment. MIIF sees North America as a major growth pole for co-investments and partnerships. Major North American mining com-panies like Newmont and Piedmont are expanding their interests in Ghana. Piedmont is positioning itself in lithium mining in Ghana through Atlantic Lithium, an Australian and UK-listed company through which it will be an offtake conduit for Tesla. MI IF, for its part, just concluded an $32.9 Million equity investment into Atlantic Lithium which will start production in 2024. Likewise, MI IF success-fully took an equity position in 2021 in Asante Gold Corporation, a Canadian-listed company, while acquiring Kinross Chirano Mine, a Canadian miningcompanwin 2022.

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