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FOCUS on Nigeria: Manufacturing, 2019


Focus on Nigeria: Manufacturing, 2019

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy, the continent’s most populous nation and one of the most exciting growth areas in the world.

With a market projected to double by 2025 to around one trillion dollars, while the population is projected to rocket to 240 million people by 2050. Over 17 years of civilian rule, its democracy has consolidated, culminating in a peaceful transfer of power in 2015 – against the predictions of many observers.

Economic liberalisation has drawn investors from across the world attracted by the country’s vast market- not just its oil . In fact, over the past decade average GDP growth rates of around 7% were driven not by oil, the major export, but by the non-oil sector.

Agriculture and manufacturing are growing consistently and systematically. Manufacturing is helping to drive growth in promising non-oil sectors, but the challenges involved are as complex and grand in scale as the opportunities.

The time for investing in Nigeria is now!

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