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CT Productions is an international media company producing promotional features, country reports to be published in the international press alongside video production. Our team has produced world class promotional, educational and other videos for companies and major organizations. 

“Nigeria 2017. Agriculture, The Backbone of a Nation”

The turnaround may well be one for the history books. Nigeria, once an agricultural powerhouse is a gifted country. With a lot of arable land, a young dynamic population and ideal conditions for an enormous varieties of crops, it once dominated on a global scale.

“Serious structural economic change is happening quietly. We need to tell the world the other side of the story. We are on our way.” -Audu Innocent Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Check out the advertorial video “Investing in Nigeria”, added value to the feature published in The World in 2018!
A vast country, with a dynamic  rural population spread out beyond infrastructure. Nigeria leads the way in financial services trailblazing mobile services, online tools and innovative new bank organisations. 

“There are better reasons than ever to have a good look at Nigeria” – You can do anything in Nigeria! Nigeria has energy and dynamism. It is almost tangible, you can feel it.

The key change and the key intangible has been changing people’s attitudes.” Minister of Finance Nigeria, Kemi Adeosun.